Americans Love Their Pets!


Americans are more pet-crazy than ever. Nearly two out of every three U.S. households own a pet, with millions more adding pets every year. If you’re considering adding a pet to your family, how do you decide what kind of pet is best for you?

While cats and dogs immediately jump to mind, potential pet owners should consider four key areas-health issues, residential restrictions, your level of pet experience and the work required to care for the pet.

According to WebMD, about 15 percent of us are allergic to animals. In fact, 11 million Americans are allergic to cats alone. Allergies can develop at any age, and some pets can exacerbate diseases such as asthma. One easy way to avoid such problems is by choosing to own tropical fish: A beautiful aquarium poses no allergy or asthma problems.

Residential restrictions can also affect the choice of a pet. Many rented dwellings place limits on furry animals. And it’s often difficult to provide such animals with areas to run and play. But aquariums-for tropical fish, for goldfish, for turtles-can fit into any home, as there are dozens of sizes and shapes of tanks for your pets.

Before you add a pet to your family, consider how much care your new pet will require and how much experience you have with pets. Fortunately, the Internet offers a world of information and how-to guidance for the new pet owner. There are even Web sites that will walk you, step by step, through your new pet ownership experience.

Using TetraCare when setting up an aquarium is also an easy way to get children involved. Children can learn about the responsibility of keeping a pet by helping with feeding, water changes, and more, simply by following the easy steps outlined by TetraCare.

While the actual time spent maintaining an aquarium is determined by its size and complexity, aquarium ownership doesn’t have to be burdensome. The average home aquarium takes no more than 20 to 30 minutes of attention each week-a small price to pay for hours of pet-keeping pleasure.

Swedish Fish Are Good For You


Last night as I sat and watched television I opened up a bag of Swedish Fish. As I sat enjoying the delicious flavor of the gummy snack I did not give much thought to the fact that the gumminess of snack food was a potentially rebuilding my skin and adding to the elasticity of my cells. Growing up I was always taught that all snack food is essentially junk food and has no real nutritional value. However,

I recently learned that there are snack foods that are high in protein and contain hydrolyzed collagen which is essential for health bones, cartilage, and skin. Giving the Swedish Fish I was enjoying their gummy consistency the viscosity of the hydrolyzed collagen is what gives not only Swedish Fish, but all sorts of products their gummy texture.

As a parent I often indulge my children with a gummy based fruit snack. The sometimes juice flavored fruit snacks provide about 10% juices from the various flavored fruits that they represent and now that I know my children are receiving the health benefits of having the proteins of hydrolyzed collagen added to the fruit flavoring of their favorite snack treat I can feel good about giving them a treat that has some health benefits to them.

I have also learned that hydrolyzed collagen aids in the regeneration of damaged tissue. As a parent I know how easy it is for my children to suffer injuries and minor cuts and bruises that require a band aid and kiss to help them heal, but I have also discovered that their injuries are healed better with a dose of collagen proteins that are an essential building block for the bodys ability to regenerate cells and tissue that children are prone to.

Found in 30% of all animal proteins hydrolyzed collagen keeps skin looking and feeling younger as is responsible for proper joint function and movement. Because the cartilage within a joint acts as a cushion between the bones, having soft pliable amount of cartilage is essential to the healthy movement of joints throughout the body. As I thought about all of the benefits I and my children were gaining from enjoying a snack of Swedish Fish I could not help but think I was actually doing something good for my body and not filling it with sugar or artificial colors.

By eating a small portion of the gummy snack treat I was actually helping to replace the hydrolyzed collagen that my body needs to be healthy and strong. Who know gummy snacks could actually be good for you?

Guinea Pigs Are Among The Most Affectionate Pets To Have Around


Not everybody knows that a guinea pig is the most personable pet one can own. Even though they are classified as rodents, guinea pigs enjoy being touched and handled. They also enjoy companionship just like dogs do.

There are a few things to know about caring for a guinea pig as a pet, and following these tips will help keep it happy and healthy.

Your new pet will need a large cage to hang out in, and while most of them will be indoor pets, they need their own place where they can stretch out and exercise in.

Some cages come with accessories and toys that many owners think will be fun for the guinea pig. This can be the furthest thing from the truth. Many guinea pigs receive injuries to their spine and feet from getting caught and trapped by these toys. Don’t risk the health and life of your pet and make sure there is nothing in the cage that can hurt it.

One thing that is good to put into the cage is hay. Guinea pigs need hay, and it contributes to their overall health and well being. Keep in mind that all hay is not the same, so make sure to buy the right kind.

Pregnant guinea pigs and their young need alfalfa hay, but for non pregnant females and male guineas, they need a variety of hay called Timothy hay. Most pet stores carry the right kind for your guinea pig.

Feeding guinea pigs is easy, because they can eat so many things. Just like people, they need to be eating a healthy diet. They love fruits and vegetables, so keep that in good supply. Also, store bought food is fine as long as you keep it balanced, and don’t give it to them all the time.

These are just some of the more important things to consider as a new guinea pig owner. Making sure to give them a big cage with no toys and a little hay, along with love and affection and a good diet, your guinea will have a healthy and happy life.

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Pet Relocators Experts Guide To Have The Best Move For Your Pets


The Middle East is a vibrant, growing economy, and its capital city is its main hub where important global business activities and cultural exchanges take place. There is always a steady flow of professionals, business owners, investors and explorers who enter the city every year; some of them as tourists and visitors, and some decidedly staying for good. Those who are planning on moving or staying for a long term usually bring with them their families – both human and animal members.

Moving with your pets to an overseas destination will mean undertaking more work for additional preparations, but you can make things more efficient with advanced planning and research. To further ensure the fast and safe entry of your pets to the city, you can also get the services of professional pet relocators, experts advise. Here are a few tips from the leading pet relocation specialists; they can be your handy guide as you prepare a new home and a new life for you and your family:

You need ample time to prepare. Do research on your own. Talk to a consulate representative. Ask for consultations with professional pet relocators. Discuss with your veterinarian your plans of overseas travel. Collect as much relevant, accurate and up-to-date information about the city as you can so that you can correctly identify the important pet arrangements you should take care of prior to departure.

It is a pet-friendly place. With the dynamic migration activity in the city, officials are not strangers to pets being imported into the emirate; processes and rules on pet importation are now streamlined and information about it is readily available. Moreover, pet owners report that the city offers a wide range of facilities and establishments offering pet care services. Thus, you’ll never have to worry about giving your pet a convenient and comfortable life overseas.

Pet relocation is not cheap. You should be prepared to finance the preparation, paperwork and other arrangements for your pet to live with you in the Middle East. Getting the services of a leading pet relocator likewise requires the necessary investment, as they will take care of everything there is to do, from planning to execution, regarding relocating your pet. However, you will find that letting professionals take care of the arrangements for you will be cost-effective in the long run; their efficiency, knowledge of the law and connections with authorities will prevent potential delays or huge fines due to unfamiliarity with the process.

Moving with your pet is worth the investment. Relocating overseas with your whole family in tow can be a complicated process compared to simply heading to another city on your own. But expats who have made it big in the city say that having the important people — and pets — in your life near you is probably the most important factor that will bring sure success as you carve your niche in the vibrant, ever-growing city.

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Are Red Peacock Cichlids Right For You


Like their land dwelling counterpart, Red Peacock Cichlids are brilliant and beautiful. Also like the bird, it is the mature male that displays this beauty, while the females and young males remain plain. They are as mild as they are attractive and very easy to breed, making the Red Peacock Cichlid a very popular choice for pets.

The biology of the Red Peacock Cichlid gives them the ability to sense prey without seeing it. This is important since it hunts in the dark, relying only on its senses for food. As the fish senses food it will bite into the sand and then filter the sand out of its mouth while retaining the microbes for sustenance. It really is a rather remarkable design and is intriguing to witness.

Unfortunately, most Red Peacock Cichlid owners will not have the opportunity to witness their hunting as they do not hunt this way in most aquariums. The reason is that they are given their food a set times during the day and it is much easier to just eat the food your given as opposed to hunting for it when you are hungry. Occasionally, it may go sand diving for wayward food particles, but that will be rarity if you are feeding regularly. These cichlids are not particularly choosy about their food and can be sustained on a diet of mostly flakes and pellets, though it is a good idea to occasionally offer fresh foods as well.

You can encourage the Red Peacock cichlid to breed and spawn in your aquarium, but must provide plenty of rocks in its environment to help it feel safe. You may also use clay pots, but be sure to provide ample hiding spaces. To encourage spawning to the highest degree you will want to replicate the Red Peacock cichlids nature environment as closely as possible in your aquarium. They do not eat plants, but may uproot them, so be sure to secure any tank vegetation.

In closing, I am going to share my number one tip for raising happy Red Peacock cichlids: replicate their natural environment. In fact, this tip will work for any fish you place in your aquarium. If you can reproduce their natural habitat in your aquarium including decorations, water chemistry and food, then you will have some very happy fish on your hands. It can be tricky to get this right, but as long as you do your research and mimic the natural conditions as best you can you will be alright.

Save Your Furniture but Don’t Declaw Your Cat


Is your cat clawing the furnishings and climbing the draperies? Have you thought about having kitty declawed? Stop! Read about declawing and the correct choice to save your furniture and your drapes.

One of the biggest disadvantages to owning a cat is the harm they can do to furniture and curtains. Cats really like to climb and they need to scratch. Scratching serves not only to maintain kitty’s claws in great shape, it also can serve as physical exercise for his forelegs.

If you’ve experienced the frustration and anger of coming home to find a ruined couch or wing back chair, you have possibly been tempted to think about having your feline friend declawed. Don’t! Declawing a cat is inhumane for a variety of reasons. The thing is, unlike almost all animals, cats walk on their toes, not the soles of their feet. A cat’s claws are really connected to the last bone of its toe.

This means that when you eliminate your small friend’s claws, you are also removing the very last bone and joint in each and every one of its toes. It would be exactly like amputating the last bone in every single one of your fingers! It can make walking challenging and it takes away his natural defense if he gets himself out of the house. There exists also possibility of nerve damage, extreme pain and infection.

Declawed cats all too often grow to be aggressive, fearful or distant. In reality, declawing is illegal in a a number of civilized countries. But there’s great news! There’s a natural and humane strategy to save your furniture, your drapes and your sanity.

Offer your feline buddy with a cat tree or condo. Make it tall and sturdy enough to give your small friend someplace to climb and look down on the world. Include a scratching post of sisal rope or some comparable material. Cats climb and scratch by nature. Give kitty a location to do it and you will both be happier.

A lazy cat may require pet weight management


When you bring home a kitten he will bounce all over your home as his energy levels will be high; however, as time passes for some cats their energy levels can decline.

A cat that has stopped being a frisky kitten and has grown into lazy adult cat is usually because they stay indoors rather than going out of the house.

A cat that enjoys staying indoors does not have the same daily exercise as one who loves to be out in the garden or back yard; outdoor kittens and cats love to play, climb up trees and chase mice and birds. This form of exercise keeps excess pounds at bay.

If your cat has suddenly shown signs of being overweight, a cat weight management programme is the answer. Implementing this programme will help you to reduce your cat’s excess weight to recapture his levels of energy.

Weight loss and cat diets is made easier with a change of cat food, food portion sizes being reduced gradually, plus changing the given amount of yummy treats that are given every day.

Quality cat food made with the best ingredients should be balanced; essential cat food that has ingredients which include omega-3- fatty acids is good for all breed of cats.

Cat diets with essential pet weight management are made easier by feeding your kitten and adult cats on quality proteins, good carbohydrates, with essential fats and low amounts of salt.

At Hills Pets a kitten or a cat who is on our pet weight management plan enables owners of cats manage their cat’s diet by giving healthy portions of quality cat food, a reduction of weight will soon have your feline friend purring his way back to good health.

Using our pet snacks as a healthy treat and hanging from your kitten or cats scratch post on a daily basis will soon have your cat interested in moving around.

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Very Few Bird Feeder Plans Found Online For Window Feeders


Window bird feeders are no more than an extension of your present window sill or opening. According to these plans all that is necessary is to attach a horizontal member the width of your window and just underneath your sill or opening. The distance just under your window sill should be the very same as the thickness of the tray itself. This will allow the tray piece to set on top of the horizontal piece and be level with the sill or opening. Cut your tray to extend outward ten or twelve inches and run the width of the window. Place, then affix the L-brackets underneath the tray with the longer leg of the L-bracket underneath the tray. Affix the shorter leg of the L-shape to the horizontal board you attached to the outside of the residence just beneath the window . The two L-brackets should be spaced to allow for the greatest support. If your feeder tray is wider than an average window and is very long, you need to have more brackets to support the weight evenly.

For flexibility, you may want to make a three sided cover the very same size as the depth of the tray to shelter the birds and the food. Some birds favor the protection, but other species don’t seem to mind the exposure. The shelter is convenient in the winter though, when snow is likely to cover the birds’ feed. On top of that, the shelter keeps the water out in the spring and summer months which helps keep the food fresh. Remember not to attach your little cover to the tray so you can readily remove it when the tray needs cleaning.

As to the top rated wood to use, redwood cedar is best for durability, but most any wood will do except pressure treated wood. Pressure treated wood has chemicals that can harm the birds. You shouldn’t paint your tray either as the birds may pick up paint flecks as they eat which can also poison them.

What variety bird food you set out is entirely up to you as different types of foods will entice different species of birds. Foods typically present in your house will suffice or you can obtain commercially processed bird feed. Birds’ eating habits range from suet (hard beef fat, especially needed in the winter) to bread crumbs, raisins, fruits, bacon bits, and peanut butter. Surely, all of these things can be found right in your own kitchen and won’t cost anything more.

In closing, remember that some birds will be afraid to come to your window area to eat because they feel exposed out in the open and next to the window itself. You can change that easily enough by choosing a window near foliage or trees. If that is not possible, place some vegetation both inside the window and outside on the feed tray to make the birds feel safe.