The Cfd Trading Winners Diary-catherine Davey


Catherine Davey has built a profile very quickly as being one of the best in the industry when it comes to CFD trading and her latest book ‘Making Money From CFD Trading’ outlines specifically how Cat Davey managed to turn $13,000 into $30,000 in 3 months. Essentially, this is a book from a successful CFD trader which is a source of many lessons in the trade.

Real trading results with a live account

Most essentially youll appreciate it that the trading diary of Cat Davey was collated with the use of her own trading funds and not some make-believe trading account with fictitious money. This is great help for those who have paper traded and those who have traded live with real funds. Paper trading is one thing but everything changes when you commit real trading funds. You can be sure that Cat Davey went through all the ups and downs when things started to go wrong and that includes also the euphoria.

The right time to take your CFD trading live

What is found in the Cat Davey CFD trading diary is a real account of what you might go through to have a dollar return equivalent to what a number of people would earn from their regular day jobs. This will provide you right perspective on how to challenge it and things to expect from your transformation from part time trader to full time, income generating trader. Having read Cat’s book you might find out that full time trading is the perfect means for you to create a solid return on the funds you have.

A number of CFD traders especially the day traders would attempt to go live even without ample experience in earning a solid income in trading. Whilst the idea sounds fantastic you do need to make sure you understand the critical trading numbers and Cat Davey covers that perfectly in her latest CFD trading book.